Parallel Test Execution

Note: The feature described on this page is not yet implemented.

Attributes for indicating how tests are permitted to run in parallel. The implementation will be a simpler one than that in NUnit since we are using separate fixtures for each test case and are not constrained by backward compatibility.

The following is a starting set of features:

  • Attributes should indicate what may or may not run in Parallel. It's up to the TC-Lite framework to decide whether to actually use parallel execution in a given environment.

  • An assembly-level attribute should allow specifying the maximum number of tests allowed to execute at one time.

  • A pair of class- and method-level attributes should allow specifying whether a given test may or may not be run in parallel with other tests.

  • (Possibly) an assembly level attribute to set the default level of parallelism. This requires some thought since it can requires every test to be written in a way that allows it to run in parallel. However, it is a great convenience to be able to specify the most common setting once and then override it at the class or method level.