The Description attribute is used to apply descriptive text to a Test, TestFixture or Assembly. The text appears in the XML output file.


[assembly: Description("Assembly description here")]

namespace Tests
  using System;
  using TCLite;

  [TestFixture, Description("Fixture description here")]
  public class SomeTests
    [TestCase, Description("Test description here")]
    public void OneTest() { }

    [Description("This applies to all three test cases")]
    public void ThreeTests() { }


  1. As seen above, when there are multiple test cases, DescriptionAttribute applies to each of them. If you want to specify a separate description to each case, then use the Description property of the TestCaseAttribute, like this:

    [TestCase(1, Description="Description1")]
    [TestCase(2, Description="Description2")]
  2. The C# syntax can sometimes be a bit confusing. To make it easier for your code to be read, consider placing any DescriptionAttribute on a separate line either before or after all the test cases. In particular, novice programmers are often confused when the attribute is interleaved with the test cases.