TC-Lite Framework


Provides a general overview of the TC-Lite framework.


Describes general concepts important to the understanding of TC-Lite.
Microtests Explains what a microtest is.
Test Cases Describes how test cases are represented in TC-Lite.
Test Fixtures Describes the role played by the classes that contain tests.

Getting Started

How to create, write and execute a test assembly using TC-Lite.
Creating a Test Project How to set up a test project to contain your TC-Lite tests.
Writing Tests How to write your tests.
Running Your Tests How to run your tests using TC-Lite.
Command-Line Options Lists options that may be used on the command-line.


Describes the key features of the TC-Lite framework.
Assertions Shows the syntax of assertions, which are used to verify proper behavior of the software under test.
Attributes Describes how TC-Lite uses attributes to identify tests and control their execution.
Constraints Lists all constraints supported by TC-Lite and the syntax elements used to invoke them in an assertion.
Parallel Test Execution Describes the planned parallel execution feature.
Theories Describes the planned Theories feature.


Types, Properties and Methods forming the TC-Lite API.


Displays the Tc-Lite license.