NUnit V2 GUI Comparison
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The TestCentric GUI looks a lot like the NUnit version 2 GUI.

That makes sense. I wrote both GUIs and I made the TC Version 1 GUI look like the NUnit GUI, so that users would feel comfortable with it. A lot of the code in this GUI comes from NUnit, but a lot of things had to be changed in order to run NUnit Version 3 tests. Consequently, there are some differences. On this page, I'll attempt to list the most important ones. Please file an issue if you find something I missed.

Trace and Debug Output Capture

The NUnit V2 GUI captures trace output and debug output and displays it if this feature is selected in the settings. The TestCentric GUI doesn't support this unless the user has redirected output to one of the streams supported by the GUI, i.e. stdout, stderr or Progress.

Log4Net Output Capture

The NUnit V2 GUI captures log4net output and displayes it based on the user settings. The feature is known to cause conflicts when the code under test also uses log4net. The TestCentric GUI doesn't support this feature.

No Bundled Extensions

Some of the NUnit V2 packages bundled extensions, which provided additional features. The TestCentric GUI does not do this, which may confuse some users. Any required extensions will need to be installed separately in order to retain the functionality they provide. Just as for the NUnit console runner, any extensions must be installed using the same package type used for the GUI itself. Usually this means either a nuget or a chocolatey install. We recommend chocolatey. In particular...

  • Opening NUnit projects requires the NUnit Project Loader extension.
  • Opening VS projects and solutions requires the NUnit VS Project Loader extension.
  • Running NUnit V2 tests requires the NUnit V2 Driver extension.