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The Test Properties Dialog is displayed using either the View | Properties menu item on the main menu or the Properties item on the context menu. It shows information about the test and - if it has been run - about the results. The dialog contains a "pin" button in the upper right corner,which causes it to remain open as the user clicks on different tests.

Test Properties

The header at the top of the dialog shows the status of the test and its name.

If the test has not been run, the status may be one of

  • Runnable
  • Not Runnable
  • Explicit
  • Ignored

If the test has been run, it may show any valid result, including

  • Passed
  • Failed
  • Warning
  • Skipped
  • Inconclusive

Note: Some test statuses may include a second field, like Skipped:Ignored. This second part is potentially user-extensible, so a complete list is not possible.

Test Details

This section is present for every test.

Test Type

The type of test, such as Test Case, Test Fixture, etc.

Full Name

The full name of the test.


Any description provided by the definition of the test.


A list of categories applied to the test

Test Count

The number of test cases included in this test

Should Run?

Yes if the test should be executed, otherwise No


The reason given for not executing the test, if present


A list of properties defined for this test

Display hidden properties

Check this box to cause any hidden (internal) properties to be included in the list of properties.


This section only appears if the test was actually executed.

Execution Time

The time in seconds that it took for the test to run.

Assert Count

The number of assertions executed by the test.


The failure or other message issued by the test


Stack trace, if present.