TestCentric Runner Version 1
Legacy version 1 Documentation. View current Version 2 Documentation.


Provides a general overview of the TestCentric GUI.

Getting Started

How to install and use the TestCentric GUI.
Installing the GUI How to install the TestCentric GUI.
Starting the GUI Starting the TestCentric GUI.
Running Tests How to load and run a set of tests under.
Stopping a Test Run How to stop a test run without waiting for it to complete.

GUI Elements

Describes the principal elements of the TestCentric GUI.
Main Window Describes the Main Window of the runner, where a user spends most of their time.
Main Menu Explains commands available in the main menu of the runner.
Context Menu Explains commands available in the context menu displayed by the test tree.
Mini-Gui Describes an alternative GUI display requiring less screen space.
Settings Dialog Displays settings that control TestCentric and allows changing them.
Extensions Dialog Lists engine extension points and installed extensions.
Test Properties Displays details about an individual test and its execution.

Command Line

Shows to run TestCentric from the command line and lists available options.

NUnit V2 GUI Comparison

Describes key changes from the version 2 NUnit GUI

Release Notes

Displays the Release Notes showing changes made in each release of TestCentric.