Command Line

TestCentric is invoked from the command line as follows:

TESTCENTRIC [inputfiles] [options]

For example,

TESTCENTRIC mytests.dll
TESTCENTRIC onetest.dll anothertest.dll --run
TESTCENTRIC myproject.nunit

If TestCentric is started without any files specified, it automatically loads the most recently loaded test file. Alternatively, you may specify one or more assemblies or supported project types.

NOTE: The types of projects supported depends on the project loader extensions that are installed. Without any extensions installed, only assemblies (.dll or .exe) are permitted.

Options Supported

Option Action
--config=CONFIG Specify the CONFIG to use for any project files loaded
--noload Suppress loading of the most recent test file.
--run Automatically run the loaded tests.
--unattended In conjunction with --run, causes the GUI to exit immediately after running
--full-gui Use the standard (full) GUI interface.
--mini-gui Use the mini-GUI interface.
--x86 Run tests in an X86 process on 64-bit systems.
--agents=NUMBER Specify the maximum NUMBER of test assembly agents to run at one time. If not specified, there is no limit.
--work=PATH PATH to directory used for any output files by default.
--trace=LEVEL Set internal trace level. Valid values are Off, Error, Warning, Info or Debug. Verbose is a synonym for Debug.
--param=PARAM Specify a parameter to pass to the tests. PARAM is in the format KEY=VALUE.
--help Display the help message and exit.