Command-Line Options

When running the test assembly, various options may be specified and are passed on to the TC-Lite runner.

Note: Where the feature has not yet been implemented, the option is labeled (NYI).

Option Comments
Test Selection:
--where=TSL TSL expression indicating which tests will be run. If omitted, all tests are run.
How Tests are Run:
--params, -p=VALUE (NYI) Define test parameters.
--timeout=MILLISECONDS (NYI) Set default test case timeout in MILLISECONDS.
--seed=SEED (NYI) Set the random SEED used to generate test data. Used for debugging earlier runs.
--workers=NUMBER (NYI) Specify the NUMBER of worker threads to be used in running tests. If not specified, defaults to 2 or the number of processors, whichever is greater.
--stoponerror (NYI) Stop run immediately upon any test failure or error.
--wait Wait for input before closing console window.
Test Output:
--work=PATH PATH of the directory to use for output files. If not specified, defaults to the current directory.
--out=PATH (NYI) File PATH to contain text output from the tests.
--err=PATH (NYI) File PATH to contain error output from the tests.
--explore[=PATH] Explore tests rather than running them. The optional PATH is used for the XML report describing the tests. It defaults to 'tests.xml'.
--result=PATH Save test result XML in file at PATH. If not specified, default is TestResult.xml.
--format=FORMAT Specify the FORMAT to be used in saving the test result. May be nunit3 or `nunit2'.
--noresult Don't save any test results.
--labels=VALUE Specify whether to write test case labels to the output. Values: Off, On, Before, After.
--teamcity (NYI) Turns on use of TeamCity service messages.
--trace=LEVEL (NYI) Set internal trace LEVEL. Values: Off, Error, Warning, Info, Verbose (Debug)
--noheader, --noh Don't display program header at start of run.
--nocolor, --noc Displays console output without color.
--help, -h Display this message and exit.
--version, -V Display the header and exit.