TestCaseFactoryAttribute is used on a parameterized test method to identify the factory Type, which will provide the required arguments. The attribute additionally identifies the method as a test method. By use of a factory, the data is kept separate from the test itself and may be used by multiple test methods.


Consider a test of the divide operation, taking three arguments: the numerator, the denominator and the expected result. We can specify the test and its data using TestCaseFactoryAttribute, as follows:

public class MyTestClass
    public void DivideTest(int n, int d, int q)
        Assert.AreEqual(q, n / d);

class DivideCases : ITestCaseFactory
    public IEnumerator<ITestCaseData> GetEnumerator()
        yield return new TestCaseData( 12, 3, 4 );
        yield return new TestCaseData( 12, 2, 6 );
        yield return new TestCaseData( 12, 4, 3 );

The Type argument in this form represents the class that provides test cases. It must have a default constructor and implement ITestCaseFactory. The enumerator must return ITestCaseData items compatible with the signature of the test on which the attribute appears.

See the Test Case Construction section below for details.

Note that it is not possible to pass parameters to the source, even if the source is a method.

Named Parameters

TestCaseFactoryAttribute supports one named parameter:

  • Category is used to assign one or more categories to every test case returned from this source.

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