TestCentric GUI Runner

NUnit V2 came with a GUI runner in addition to the console runner. Beginning with NUnit 3, no GUI runner was provided. The TestCentric Gui Runner fills that need. It is able to run tests written for either the NUnit 3 framework or (using a standard extension) the NUnit V2 framework.


The TestCentric GUI requires .NET 4.5 or later in order to function. Your own projects, whose tests will run under it should already have some version of the NUnit framework installed. Tests will run under the most appropriate environment available using agent processes. The test machine must have installed the runtime, which is targeted by your tests.


The GUI is released in three package formats, chocolatey, nuget and zip, all available from the GitHub project site. The nunit package is also available from nunit.org and the chocolatey package from chocolatey.org.

The chocolatey package provides the best user experience and is the recommended way to install the TestCentric GUI on developer machines. Extensions installed via chocolatey will be recognized.

The nuget package is useful if you want to ensure that the GUI is available automatically to every developer who works on a project. Extensions installed through nuget will be recognized.

To use the zip distribution, you should simply unzip the contents into a convenient directory and create your own shortcut to testcentric.exe. To use it from the command-line, place the install directory on your path.


The TestCentric GUI uses semantic versioning, with specific exceptions and clarification regarding what is considered a breaking change. See the VERSIONING.md file in the root of the distribution for more information. The current version is 1.4.0.


The GUI is Open Source software, released under the MIT / X11 license. See LICENSE.txt in the root of the distribution or view it here.

The software bundles a modified copy of the NUnit test engine, which is also licensed under the MIT / X11 license. In addition, the first version of the GUI is based in part on the NUnit 2.x GUI runner, released under the NUnit license. See NOTICES.txt in the root of the distribution for more information.