The TC-Lite framework is currently under early development. Features will be added and even removed! The documentation is constantly changing so I suggest you refresh these pages from time to time.

TCLite Overview

Provides a general overview of the project.


Describes general concepts important to the understanding of TC-Lite.

Microtests Explains what a microtest is.
Test Cases Describes how test cases are represented in TC-Lite.
Test Fixtures Describes the role played by the classes that contain tests.

Getting Started

How to create, write and execute a test assembly using TC-Lite.

Creating a Test Project How to set up a test project to contain your TC-Lite tests.
Writing Tests How to write your tests.
Running Your Tests How to run your tests using TC-Lite.
Command-Line Options Lists options that may be used on the command-line.


Describes the key features of the TC-Lite framework.

Assertions Shows the syntax of assertions, which are used to verify proper behavior of the software under test.
Attributes Describes how TC-Lite uses attributes to identify tests and control their execution.
Constraints Lists all constraints supported by TC-Lite and the syntax elements used to invoke them in an assertion.
Parallel Test Execution Describes the planned parallel execution feature.
Theories Describes the planned Theories feature.