TestCentric Beta4 Release

In an earlier post, I talked about plans for moving ahead with TestCentric, separating it more completely from its remaining dependencies on NUnit. I predicted that the beta3 release would probably not have any new features, being concerned primarily with internal changes in how the TestCentric runner and engine were structured. That turned out to be true.


TestCentric Beta 2 and Beyond

I released version 2.0.0-beta2 of the TestCentric Runner about two weeks ago. This release is both an ending and a beginning. On the one hand, it marks the end of a particular phase of development. On the other, it will serve as the basis for a fairly significant change in future releases.

Specifically, this will be the last release in which we try to keep the code close to that of the NUnit engine and console runner.


TestCentric .NET 8.0 Pluggable Agent

Now that the .NET 8.0 preview is out, many folks will want to experiment with it and possibly run tests under the TestCentric GUI. A newly released extension, the .NET 8.0 Pluggable Agent, makes this possible.


Moving to TestCentric 2.0

NUnit 2.0 through 2.7 was delivered as an all-inclusive package: test framework, console runner and GUI runner. With NUnit 3 that changed. The framework and console runner became separate packages and the GUI was no longer developed.